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Apple Motherboard Repair

If you took your Mac to a computer store (to get one of those “quick-free-diagnostics”) and they told you it was a “Bad Motherboard,” there’s no need to worry! Half the time, the diagnostics are wrong, and you won’t actually have to replace the motherboard.

There is one particular case that I always refer to (in our testimonials) where a client took it to the Apple Store. The computer was diagnosed with a “Bad Motherboard.” The quote we gave him for motherboard replacement was half the price, so he decided to bring it to us. In the end, the problem was only the Power Button!

Worse comes to worst, if you actually do have a problem on the motherboard, basically 90% of the time we can FIX it instead of replacing it. With us, you’re saving about 50% most of the time.

Here is how we can help you: Please bring to the shop your computer, charger and battery (so we can test everything for you). One of our technicians will disassemble the computer to give a full diagnosis so you will know exactly what is wrong with it. We will propose to you a solution on top of the diagnostics.

We do NOT perform any “quick-free-over-the-phone” diagnostics, because we see lots of clients coming to our shop with WRONG diagnostics. Please keep in mind: problems can be tricky to find! It requires time to fully test a computer, and it is not free. When you take your computer to a “quick-free” diagnostics store, they won’t spend their time disassembling and fully testing your computer because if you don’t accept the job, it will cost them. We have a policy of FREE DIAGNOSTICS WITH REPAIR, but in case we invest our time to fully diagnose your computer and you choose to fix it yourself in power of the information we’ll provide, we will still be able to compensate the technician that worked on it.

Motherboard Repair on Macs

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