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Liquid Spill

Please understand: Electronics and liquids should stay far from each other due to the fact that mishaps may occur.

If you spilled any kind of liquid on your computer, it’s a serious problem!

It may not be the end for your computer though. If you follow these easy steps you can probably bring it back to life and solve the problem.

First: Turn your computer upside down, unplug it and remove the battery.

Second: (Most Important) DO NOT turn your computer on. No matter what, when liquid is spilled on a computer it will leave residue. It has to be disassembled and fully cleaned inside before you can start it up again.

Third: DO NOT try to blow hot air (especially from a hair dryer) on your computer. This will not get the job done right and may cause even more problems. Hot air will be likely to melt cables, screens, and cause a number of other damages. Also, reacting to a liquid spill like this can quickly turn a problem with possible solution into a complete disaster.

Fourth: DO NOT try to fix the problem with the new “rice-trick.” It seems like the latest trend for DIY websites is to use rice to “absorb” the water out of your computer, but the reality of it is that most users won’t be able to fully remove all the rice from within the computer. On top of that, when the rice gets humid you risk the possibility of short-circuiting the components inside of the computer.

Liquid Spill Mac


First and foremost, if you didn’t try to turn the computer on after the accident, the possibility of fixing the computer will be more likely.

With that being said, attempts to take care of the problem without the proper processes and chemical can result in an overall failure. If you want it done the right way, bring the computer to the shop as soon as the accident happens.

We will fully disassemble your computer and completely clean it out inside. Although the process is not too complicated, it is extremely time consuming when done correctly.

Once your computer is completely clean and free of the liquid residuals, there’s a good chance that it will work just fine again!

mac disassembled for liquid spill repair

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