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This place saved me. My macbook pro was sitting in water and would not turn on.

Yes, I had to pay up front and it was basically a gamble wether or not they would be able to fix it. But it was worth the gamble. They fixed it and I didn’t loose any info, or my computer.
They also did it in a very timely manor. This place has also saved my husbands computer after if crashed 2 times.

Tawnie M. – San Diego


I needed to have the keyboard replaced on a computer that belongs to work and therefore I chose to have a professional take care of it for me.

They were the only ones out of a dozen I called (including the Apple Store tech) who knew that the MacBook Pro was released with multiple designs, and indeed mine was not the uni-body design. Now what this meant for me was that instead of paying a minimum of $600 to have the whole top case replaced, I was able to spend $200 to have my keyboard unit replaced, including the part, labor, and a cleaning and general once over on the machine.

The Apple Store quoted this as 6 hours of work, and I had mine back in 4. For a third of the price. And given that the Apple Store was just going to replace the whole bottom case, what I got was more work for a better price.

Everything that was said to me during our initial phone call was EXACTLY how it turned out – price quoted, time frame, everything…

… I will do nothing but praise and recommend their business and coming from someone who has the knowledge to call it like it is, I would say take your computer to them and don’t waste your time with the rest!

Sara K – La Mesa

I first found them in 2008 and I’m still with them, that should tell you how much I trust them with my laptops (we have 5 in the house).  They’re prompt, ethical and their prices are great.  They can even replace i-phone screens.  I wouldn’t trust my electronics to anyone else.

Nurse L. – San Diego, CA


Great service from Rod and his gang.  Came in around the holidays.  My MacBook was brought to the local not so genius bar.  They sent it to their repair center opened the case and immediately said liquid damage had fried the logic board even though no liquids had been dropped on it recently.  That was going to be a $400 repair to replace.

Brought it to Rod who actually tested the board saw that it was working fine and found out it was just they key board wearing out with a faulty power button.   Very simple repair and was way less than replacing the logic board.  Next time I’ll go here first for a Mac thats out of warranty.


Pete R.


…an excellent computer repair shop!  Not only did they fix my MAC, but they did it for less than others had quoted me and within a week I had my computer back!

Vivian C. – San Diego, CA